Why EFS Sealant?

Its many benefits include:

Compare EFS Sealant to to Other Major Protection Products


1. Penetrates complete fibers and is effective until the next professional cleaning.
2. Reduces sun fading by 99%. Independent Laboratory Tested
3. Reduces smoke density
4. Reduces flame spread
5. If flame retardant is applied to fabrics, retardant is sealed in, normal everyday cleaning will not compromise the protection especially used in our commercial businesses.
6. Colorfast has no effect on color or texture of treated textiles
7. Mildew and static electricity resistance
8. Earths Fiber-Shield is a non-toxic and non-allergenic


1. Does not penetrate the fiber, only surface. Is not long lasting
2. No protection against sun fading. No independent laboratory testing
3. No protection, highly toxic when it burns
4. No claims of reducing flame spread
5. No protection for flame retardant
6. Has been known to “yellow” light colored textiles over time or when being treated
7. No protection
8. EPA test reports have cited health and environmental concerns with fiber protectors that use fluoro-chemical and PTFE Resin. Today 95% of protectors are either fluoro-chemicals, co-polymersor polymer plastic